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All 2018 Boards are 10% off!! If you buy a board and paddle, 15% off total purchase!

The paddle is not something to skimp out on. The right paddle for your size and style of paddle boarding can make all the difference in your paddle boarding experience. Come on in and find the match made in heaven.

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Pau Hana

9'5 Oahu

The Oahu is a great all around board, designed for stability when paddling, doing yoga, or surfing. A wide stable deck makes this good for most sized riders. Includes 3 fins for touring or surfing. Available in teal.


11' Big EZ

 As its name implies, the Big EZ is the easiest paddle board to learn on for a person of any size or skill level. This is the best family paddle board. Available in Hawaiian and Teal.


11' Big EZ Ricochet

The durable 11 ft. Ricochet is made for the "not so nice" conditions, designed to take a beating on rocks or land, it's reliable and stable enough to always keep you above all. Includes fins for touring or surfing. 


11' Navio Hybrid

Pau Hana Surf 11' Navio Paddleboard 2018

Best for everything from touring to all around. Cover more ground with less paddling than any other board of its small size. The Navio is designed to glide effortlessly with every stroke. 


10'10 Minisport

This stand up paddle board is best for touring and fitness. Stay fit and go fast on the most stable, lightweight, and compact displacement hull board on the market.


12'6 Viper

This stand up paddle board is best for fitness and racing. The Viper is a high performance race board designed for speed and handling. It’s wide tail will make buoy turns on a dime and catch the smallest bumps on the downwind leg of a race.



9'6, 10'6, & 11'6 Generator

The Generator Tuflite V-Tech is the ultimate shape for versatility, maneuvering, and great in small-medium surf. With good stability and glide in flat-water, this board is perfect for the paddler who wants performance AND beauty. 

9'6: $1299 (Teal)

10'6: $1349 (Floral Design)

11'6: $1399 (Teal/Green)

10'4 & 11'2 Bark Aleka

The Alexa Tuflite V-Tech is the perfect SUP for versatility. Shaped to be stable enough for flat water cruising, but it will also perform well in small-medium surf. Beauty, challenge, and fun all in one boat! Variety of designs and colors available.


10'4 & 11'4 Chameleon

The Chameleon bridges the gap from recreation paddling to adventure touring. The hybrid design combines a displacement nose with a flotation hull that creates an exceptionally stable board yet still has the drive. Perfect for the enthusiast that wants to do more than just a casual paddle.


11'6 & 12'6 Explorer

The sport touring Explorer is excellent in both flat water and chop, so it is ready for any excursion. With good stability, glide, efficiency, and speed, it has outstanding ocean performance, but would also be fitting for a smooth cruise on the lake.


11'6 & 12'6 Saber

The Saber Coretech is the next step in the evolution of touring boards. The surf-inspired shape and rider make it easy to catch small waves, but still has enough volume and stability to cruise flat water with ease. Perfect for those looking to get into touring mode.



9'8 & 10'2 Coco Cruise

Suitable for riders of all sizes and skill levels featuring a wider nose and rounded square tail, creating a stable platform with generous volume and easy turning. Coco style features eco-friendly precision molded boards, utilizing coconut husks.


9'8, 10'2, & 11'6 Element Cruise

The cruise design is the most popular board in the NSP range- suitable for riders of all sizes and skill levels featuring a wider nose and rounded square tail, creating a stable platform with generous volume and easy turning.


11' Element Flatwater

A unique blend of paddling stability, comfort, cruising, speed, and glide. Designed by NSP's race team to be a fantastic choice for recreational flat water paddling and short distance touring.


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