2017 Inventory- SALE: 10% off 2017 Models through June 30, 2018

Pau Hana

10'10 Minisport

This stand-up paddleboard is best for touring and fitness. Stay fit and go fast on the most stable, lightweight, and compact displacement hull board on the market.

WAS: $1299 NOW: $1169.10

11' Big EZ

As its name implies, the Big EZ is the easiest paddle board to learn on for a person of any size or skill level. This is the best family paddle board. Available in Teal.

WAS: $1199 NOW: $1079.10

11' Big EZ Ricochet

The durable 11 ft. Ricochet is made for the "not so nice" conditions, designed to take a beating on rocks or land, it's reliable and stable enough to always keep you above all. Includes fins for touring or surfing. 

 WAS: $1299 NOW: $1169.10


Candace Appleby Bark Crossover Race

Shaped by industry respected shaper, Joe Bark, for professional ocean athlete Candice Appleby, this elite race board is built for the competitive female athlete. At only 27.9” wide it is fast with less drag than wider boards yet is still stable in a wide variety of conditions.

WAS: $1300 NOW: $800

11'4 Chamelon

The Chameleon bridges the gap from recreation paddling to adventure touring. The hybrid design combines a displacement nose with a flotation hull that creates an exceptionally stable board yet still has the drive. Perfect for the enthusiast that wants to do more than just a casual paddle.

WAS: $1199 NOW: $1079.10

9'6, 10'6, & 11'6 Soft-top Universal

With extra volume, full rails, and a flatter bottom, the versatile Surftech Universal Stand Up Paddleboard is perfect for larger paddlers, paddlers looking for increased cargo capacity, or paddlers looking for increased stability.

9'6: WAS: $950 NOW: $855

10'6:WAS: $999 NOW: $899.10

11'6: WAS: $1099 NOW: $989.10

9'6, 10'6, & 11'6 Generator

The Generator is the ultimate shape for versatility, maneuvering, and great in small-medium surf. With good stability and glide in fat-water, this board is perfect for the paddler who wants performance AND beauty. 

9'6: WAS: $1299 NOW: $1169.10

10'6:WAS: $1349 NOW: $1214.10

11'6: WAS: $1399 NOW: $1259.10


9'6 Wassup

Planing Hull with full bow belly designed for best performance in surf and flat water.

WAS: $950 NOW: $800